Landscape photography in Brittany

Landscape photography in Brittany, and especially on Quiberon, is relatively easy as there are so many beautiful vistas at every turn and, generally, there is nice light too! The Cote Sauvage on the west side of Quiberon offewrs the greatest potential; there are cliffs, rocky outcrops, large waves and, of course, you are facing into the most amazing sunsets. The downside is that many of the tourists flock there too at dusk! The odd peorson in a phot is no longer such a problem with digital, as often we can just edit them out in post; the real problem is that people (and dogs!) just walk everywhere so, unless you can get there as the tides goes out or is just abiout in, you are faced with footprints in the sand in all your images!. Many of the Cote Sauvage beaches were popular with surfers and couples wanting to romantically watch the sun go down, so it was always a problem to get a good clean shot. The south end of the peninsula was less croweded at sunset and still had the potential to deliver some great skies, as in the first image below. There are standing stones and monoliths (menhirs) all over the peninsula too, but I only managed to find one that was ideal at sunset, even then, the foreground hasn’t a great deal of interest but there’s always sopmething special about being in the presence of these mystical objects. I used the Hitech Firecrest ND filters to do some long exposure photography of around 30seconds a shot but, although the mirror-like sea is effective, I think I prefer using  a shutter to blur the sea a little while still retaining some detail.

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