Wildlife Lectures and Illustrated Talks

Natural history talks for clubs and societies by Yorkshire wildlife photographer John Gardner


If your club is looking for new wildlife lectures and illustrated nature talks, then you have arrived at the right place. I travel around the country giving natural history lectures to clubs and societies including RSPB Members’ groups, natural history clubs and photographic clubs and societies and you can be assured of a fun and entertaining evening.

Whether a natural history club, a bird club, camera club or social club of any kind, I can tailor a talk to suit your members’ interest and deliver a great talk packed with colourful slides and delivered with in depth subject knowledge and a bit of light humour. Having delivered hundreds of talks at many clubs and societies up and down the country you can be sure that when you book me you are getting a very experienced speaker that will run exactly to time and keep everyone’s interest.  If you are a small club and feel I am outside your budget, its still worth contacting me to see if I have any special offers on. I enjoy showing my slides so I will do everything I can to work within your budget. At the same time, do bear in mind I do this professionally and fuel prices have rocketed over the past 2years so there will be a charge of some description.

Here is a list of talks that I currently offer and more will be added as I put them together.  Each show has been carefully put together to provide the audience with visual stimulation and factual information and all are delivered in a humorous, friendly style and the shows usually last around 60-70 minutes but can be adjusted to suit and you are welcome to schedule in a break mid way through.  Bookings need to be made well in advance as my calendar is often very full and please note I do tend to avoid lectures during May and June.

“Wild life, Wild Places”

A highly variable lecture that changes content each time I deliver it so there are several versions of this talk! Consider it an introduction to my work and the catch all title allows me to put a whole raft of images in covering a wide range of subjects. The talk usually has a mixture of UK species and short foreign trips into Europe. Can be tailored to suit any type of club i.e. bird club, nature club or photography club.

“European birding”

“Wings over Wales”

A look at the birds and wildlife of mid Wales, focussing on the majestic red kites found at Gigrin Farm and the breeding birds of the surrounding areas. Beautiful images of kites, pied flycatcher, redstart, goshawk and buzzard are some of the species featured in the talk along with a whole host of common bird species.

“Yorkshire’s Wild Beauty”

Yorkshire is by far and away the biggest county in Britain and has a wide and diverse landscape from the Pennines to the Dales. With this rich habitat comes a great many species of birds, plants and insects and this talk is illustrated lavishly throughout with images of species from upland moors to lowland lakes. This talk is a general mix of nature and landscapes and will appeal to groups looking for a good range of subjects.

“Bird & wildlife photography tips and techniques”

Concentrating a bit more on the techniques behind a successful nature image. What makes one picture stand out from another? How can you improve your nature photography? What lenses are best for each type of nature photography? All will be covered without getting too gearhead and geeky so it will appeal to non-photographers too.

professional wildlife and landscape photographer based in Wakefield West Yorkshire offering illustrated slide shows and lectures to clubs and societies and covering the whole of the country including Yorkshire Lancashire Derbyshire Nottinghamshire Leicestershire North Yorkshire Manchester Leeds Hull Whitby Halifax Huddersfield Sheffield