Bat Surveys in West Yorkshire

I regularly undertake bat surveys in West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire providing clients with an affordable yet comprehensive service where they have been requested by local planning authorities to undertake a bat survey as part of their planning application. I travel widely for surveys and I am able to cover most areas when required, just ask for a quote.

I have had an interest in British bats for around 29 years and for much of that time I have held a conservation and scientific licence issued by Natural England which allows me to catch and handle British bats. With many years of experience in searching for and finding bats and bat roosts, I am able to offer my services as a bat surveyor in respect of planning applications. I undertake standard bat surveys ahead of planning and present the findings in a clear written report that is accepted by the local authorities. During the summer months the survey will include a daylight survey of the building or trees combined with an evening emergence or dawn return survey. During the winter time, my services include searching buildings and assessing he likelihood of bats using them. Often it is possible to  discharge a building or tree on the initial survey but if bats are found or there is a likelihood of bats being present, further survey work may be required which would incur additional costs. This also applies if bats are found and a European Protected Species (EPS) licence is required.

Because I work independantly and do not rely on bat survey work as my main income, I am able to operate at much reduced rates compared to the larger ecology firms who often have big overheads. Therefore, my prices are very competetive and a standard winter survey starts at £200 and summer surveys start at £250. For an exact quote just contact me on 01924 229800.

bat surveys in West Yorkshire

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