Lesvos revisited: Black-headed bunting

Due to the covid-19 lockdown, I have plenty of time on my hand without the day-to-day distractions of my commercial photography work. I am using the time to revist old images taken on trips way back when. I’ve just been going through my old images from a trip I made to the Greek island of Lesvos back in 2007. The first thing that strikes me is the much poorer quality of the RAW files compared with today’s cameras, but at least Lightroom and Photoshop have improved considerably meaning I can re-edit some of the images and nab myself some new keepers. This is an image of a black-headed bunting on a mourning thistle taken during the last couple of days of the trip. These arrive on the isalnd during the second week of April and it was incredible to witness. We noticed a single bird on the island during our day in the field and, by the next day, they were everywhere. These colourful birds would sing from any prominent perch in an attempt to establish their new territory and attract a female. Here’s one I’ve processed from a RAW file that I had not previously edited. It’s amazing how looking at a bunch of images long after they were taken, results in new images standing out as being a great shot!

black-headed bunting, Lesvos. By Yorkshire wildlife photographer John Gardner
Black-headed bunting on mouring thistle, Lesvos
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