Bird Photography on Texel (Part 3)

Part 3 of my bird photography on Texel while I was there with the family at the end of May. Here is another selection of birds that I managed to capture either as I drove round in the two hours after sunrise or on foot as we cycled round the island during the day. The portability of the Nikon D500 and 200-500mm kit is one of it’s strengths; there was no isuue in cycling round with the kit on my back in a Think Tank airport accelerator bag. OK, so there was some delay in dismounting the bike and getting the lens out of the bag, but often that wasn’t an issue. It was especially not an issue when I came across, say, a small pool with common terns fishing on it

bird photography on Texelbird photography on Texelblack-tailed godwit Texelmeadow pipit on Texelbird photography on Texel | avocetbird photography on Texel | whitethroatspoobill photography Texelspoonbill photographed on Texel

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