Bird photography on Texel, Netherlands

I’ve just returned from a few days’ bird photography on Texel, Netherlands and I’m now going through the images. It wasn’t just a bird  photography trip, I was out there with the family but I managed to get a few hours in from first light until breakfast each day and then again in the last couple of hours of the day. Having said that, we cycled around this small Fresian island and I always had my Nikon D500 and Nikkor 200-500 on my back just in case. It came in handy a few times, particulalry for the sanderlings and ringed plover on the beach. I just pulled up, got the lens out of the backpack and crawled slowly up to them. The smae thing happened with the godwit on the post: I literally got off the bike, got out the lens and walked up to it! The images below are the first few I’ve edited in between shooting my normal, day to day commercial work for clients. I’ll keep posting a few as I edit and here, I tried to keep it to a wader theme but I did enjoy the spoonbill, so he’s made it onto this post.

Sanderling on Texel

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