Wildlife photography in Spain: Bonelli’s eagle, golden eagle and Great bustard

Wildlife photography in Spain | Bird photography in Spain | Bonelli’s eagle | golden eagle | great bustard | Spain wildlife 

wildlife photography in Spain

Just returned from a few days of wildlife photography in Spain where the target species were Bonelli’s eagle, golden eagle and great bustard. I’m glad to report all these species were successfully photographed and a whole lot more besides! The images below are my first edits and just a small sample to give a flavour of the trip. As well as the birds, the wildflowers were spectacular and I would have liked to have had a few days longer just to photograph some of the incredible variety of plants as well as the superb landscape. We were based on the Spain-Portugal border for the eagles and then moved to the Steppe area around Villafafilla for the bustards. I will post more images and details over the next week or so, but first, I have to catch up with the edits from all my commercial shoots taken just before I left for Spain as I have a whole raft of shoots over the next few days which will create even more of a backlog for me. My commercial work can be seen over at my John Gardner Photography website
wildlife photography in Spain Bonelli's eagle, SpainBonelli's eagle, Spain Bonelli's eagle, Spain Bonelli's eagle, Spain

Bonelli's eagle, Spain

Rosa sempervirensgolden eagle, Spain

golden eagle, Spain sub-alpine warbler, Spain

Navelwort, Spainwildflowers of Spain yellow bee orchid (Ophrys lutea)

Great bustard, Spain Great bustard, Spain Great bustard, Spain

Marsh harrier, Spain

Black kite, SpainRed kite, SpainBlack kite, Spain


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