White-legged damselfy | club-tailed dragonfly | macro photography

Macro photography: White-legged damselfly but no club-tailed dragonfly!

Today we made a long journey down to the River Severn in Shropshire to try and catch up with the very scarce and elusive club-tailed dragonfly. Unfortunately, it was not to be and we couldn’t find them anywhere despite teaming up with another dragonfly chaser and trying two different sites. No idea why they weren’t there, maybe it’s a bit early or maybe we were a bit late; seasons vary from year to year but it should have been the peak time. The consolation for me was that I managed to photograph white-legged damselfly which is a species I haven’t done before. I do enjoy these macro photography outings and I am always on the lookout for other species to photograph while I am searching for our target species. Today was no exception and I managed to photograph 2-spot ladybird, a superb red and black froghopper and common green shieldbug, rather strangely in it’s winter colours!

white-legged damselfly white-legged damselfly red & black froghopper banded demoiselle common green shieldbug

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