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I really enjoy macro photography so when an opportunity like this angle shades comes along, it gives me a great excuse for breaking off from the commercial edits to take a few shots. I was just stepping into the house when I noticed this angle shades roosting on the garden wall. He was quite out in the open and an easy meal for any birds, so I popped him into a glass and went and got the camera. I decided to photograph him on an old red brick in the garden which had several years of algae and weathering on it, in fact, very similar colours to the moth. I used the 200mm macro lens for the shots using only natural light. Angle shades is a nocturnal moth so I wanted to give the images a darker feel and achieved this by dropping the shadows a couple of stops in post.

Angle shades moth macro photographymacro photography Angle shades moth | Yorkshire wildlife photogapher

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