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West Yorkshire wildlife photographer: Chaffinch in flight

As a West Yorkshire wildlife photographer, I am always looking for something new to shoot. Today I spent a bit of time attempting to photograph small birds arriving at the feeders and despite a great deal of frustration, I managed the odd shot I’m pleased with. This is one of a chaffinch that I like and , even though there is motion blur in the wings, I think it works. The whole experience was not wasted as it was a learning curve which has given me some good ideas of how to improve the success rate. The biggest thing I needed was better light as it was very overcast when I took the shots and, in order to get a fast enough shutter to freeze the action, I had to shoot at 6400ISO. High ISO will always degrade quality whatever the camera manufacturers state although it did allow me to get a shot I otherwise wouldn’t have managed.

West Yorkshire nature photographer | bird photography chaffinch in flight


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