Macro photography: Dragonflies in Yorkshire

Today I went out to do some macro photograhy, specifically dragonflies in Yorkshire. The heat was tremendous as we stood on the edge of the pond watching black-tailed skimmers, four spotted chaser, brown hawker and emperor dragonflies hawking over the water. In the reeds close to shore were lots of damselflies and, patrolling the rough grass fringes, were common darter, a real dragonfly fest if ever there was one. However, none of them sat still for a moment and it was all we could do to get a few shots of mating common blue damselfly, a pristine four spotted chaser and an emperor dragonfly which paused briefly. Its always a struggle getting enough depth of field to get all the insect in focus when working at these magnifications as you can see from the emerald damselfly image.

Common blue damselflyfour spotted chaser in Yorkshiredragonflies in Yorkshire four spotted chaserdragonflies in Yorkshire emperor dragonflyemerald damselfly

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